Yealink DECT Desk Phone for Companies Using DECT System

A Product Delivers Premium Desktop Communication
Experience to DECT Environment

Yealink DECT Desk Phone at a Glance

Yealink DECT Desktop Phone (DD Phone) consists of Yealink desk phone T54W and USB DECT dongle DD10K. When paired with Yealink DECT base W60B, DD Phone can work concurrently with the DECT system as a handset.

Meanwhile, Yealink W60B supports up to 8 DECT handsets in total at the same time, such as Yealink  W53H/W56H/W59R/CP930W/T54W+DD10K, meet the demands of various scenarios in the DECT environment.

Recommended Usage Scenarios

Compared with DECT mobile handset, Yealink DD phone can greatly enhance the productivity of fixed-position staff in the DECT environment, such as supermarket, warehouse and restaurant, etc.

2 Experience Upgrades Compared to DECT Mobile Handset

Brings you widescreen interactive experience via 4.3-inch backlight HD color
screen, without missing any call information.

The ONLY DECT phone in the world that can implement Busy Lamp Field (BLF) function. Enhance your productivity by 10 Line Keys, easy to achieve speed dial, quick transfer, call pickup and other functions.