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Yealink VC Cloud Management



Yealink VC Cloud Management Service

Boost your savings, focus and success

The Yealink VC Cloud Management Service (VCMS) is a value-added cloud-based service platform for Yealink video conferencing endpoints and apps, including the VC series of room systems, T49G desktop video phone and VC Desktop/Mobile. VCMS offers significant convenience and cost-savings to integrators and business customers in terms of deployment, configuration and usage.


Features and Benefits


Easier Deployment
• No need for a public IP address
• ICE/TURN/STUN/NAT; simply plug and play
• Quickly create and distribute batch user accounts

Faster Meeting Entrance
• Use a 4-digit extension number for internal company calls
• Use a 9-digit number for external company calls
• Real-time Corporate Directory Updates

Secured Data
• Meeting and data safeguarded by TLS signal encryption and SRTP media encryption
• All the data transmitted end-to-end without going through a cloud server
• High reliability by leveraging Amazon server and hot-standby system



Global Server Networks
Yealink’s global VCMS server configuration, covering Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America, ensures that worldwide customers enjoy reliable and high-quality service.



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